• Chemicals
    We are engaged in trading business
    from functional chemicals such as
    methanol to petrochemicals and polymer.
  • Steel
    Our business transactions include
    the import and export of hot-rolled,
    cold-rolled, and stainless steel materials.
  • Electronic Materials
    Electronic Materials
    We import and export parts and materials for semiconductors, displays, and other electronics, as well as trade in used semiconductor equipment and localize semiconductor materials.
  • Energy
    We are engaged in importing and selling biomass fuels to secure alternative energy to fossil fuels, which are finite resources, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
    We contribute to the spread of clean energy.

Samsung C&T Corporation Head Office

Samsung C&T Corporation Head Office Samsung C&T Corporation is the origin of Samsung Group.
The company has been together through Korea’s miraculous
economic growth for more than 80 years.
Samsung C&T aims to emerge as a global value creator with
its outstanding people and extensive business experience. Samsung C&T website